Are you experiencing emotional crisis?

Are you stuck at a spiritual cross-roads?

Are you just longing for more peace and calm?

Would you like to attend a workshop to learn self-healing skills?

Dian Booth is an Author, Master Sound and Colour Healer, an international performer of Transformational Healing Concerts, and Teacher of Transformational Healing.

Sound, Colour and Movement are the essential elements in the process of Creation, as understood by all major Indigenous cultures. They are fundamental to all of Dian’s teaching and performing.

Dian's new book: Healing Through Sound, Colour and Movement, The ‘Anami’ Way, can be purchased through our online store, as can Dian's numerous CDs that each have a different purpose.

"Rather than teaching a structured method of healing through Sound and Colour, I use the principles of this combined modality as a vehicle in which individuals can find their own pathway to self-healing."

Dian Booth

"Dian Booth is not just working with Sound, she is weaving the living sound of Creation into her work. She is helping to awaken the healing and transforming frequencies of the Soul. In these times of change, the sound of creation is a vital doorway to understanding."

Tareth, Glastonbury, UK.


"Treat yourselves to one of the truest healers of our age.

Her unique skills and ability to play spontaneous, angelic-like music, can only be described as a divine talent. This, combined with her knowledge of the Earth, the human body and the subconscious mind's ability to heal, put Dian in a category of her own.

Her music provides a transformational journey into your inner paradise, into the true self where the inner healing begins."

Alan Gutierrez of 'Sapphire Songs', USA.

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Please enjoy Dian being interviewed and in concert at Dartington Hall, UK